July 12, 2024

4 Essential Things You Need If You Want To Play Golf

Golf has always been known as a unique sport that can seem easy to play but it actually requires a lot of concentration and precision. And even though these skills are necessary, to be able to play golf you will also need golf equipment. However, spending your money on first-class equipment won’t help you with your golf adventure if you don’t practice every day. So, before you buy your first piece of golf equipment, make sure sure you understand what you really need, and how to compare the same product from different manufacturers. In this article, you’ll find a list of all the basic golf equipment that you’ll need to start your golf practice.

The Club

One of the most essential things that you will need to play golf is a golf club. Without this piece of equipment, this sport wouldn’t even exist (at least not the way we know it). If this is your first time playing golf, then renting a club could be the best option for you. However, if you plan on returning and playing some more, then buying a club for yourself can be a better solution in the long run. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly solution for the beginning, you can always consider buying second-hand golf clubs.

Golf Bag

Even though you can go through several practices without a golf bag, it would be way more practical to have one from the beginning, if you can afford it. This item is needed so you can have all of your golf equipment in one place. Nowadays, you can find golf bags in various sizes and colours, so you will surely find one that’s to your liking. 

Hand Glove

Hand glove is essential for playing golf. It might seem impossible for someone who hasn’t played golf before, but you can’t play golf without a hand glove. Having a hand glove on will help you have a better grip on the golf club which prevents the club from slipping out in crucial moments. Another important role of a hand glove is to protect the hand from any damage, especially the bottom part of your palm that is most exposed. In most cases, golfers only use one hand glove when playing. When you set out to buy a hand glove you will see that they come in different materials. So, you will see that there are those made of leather but also those made of synthetic material. 


Markers usually come in a form of plastic or metal coin-shaped objects, that you can put on any surface and mark the last position of your ball. They’re used when you have to lift the ball if it’s in the opponent’s way.