July 12, 2024

Best Websites Where You Can Learn About Golf

If you are a golf enthusiast, you already know how fun, sophisticated and addicting playing golf is. Golf also asks for a lot of commitment as well as some relatively expensive equipment. However, apart from all of the mentioned, you will also need a lot of skill if you want to be a good golf player. So, where do you take the first step? If you feel like learning more about golf, sports rules, equipment and technique, you can always ask the Internet. 

Here are some of the websites you can browse and learn more about golf or even take up some golfing lessons. Take a look.


This online website is dedicated to helping you discover so many useful golf-related things.

If you decide to start your learning journey at this site, you will find different categories that will help you take one step at a time. Each lesson is a video tutorial, and you can choose whether you want to discover more about address and posture, swings, shot shaping or pitching. You will find a fault finder on this website that will help you find out what mistakes you are making while playing golf. With that input, you will address your problem and learn how to improve your game via online lessons. 


Meandmygolf is another excellent website most rookie golf players find pretty helpful. Moreover, the website offers personalised plans for every golfer. Thus, if you feel like taking some online classes to improve your skill, you can also try this option. Besides, the website offers flexible online coaching plans and allows you to schedule a class according to your liking. If you are not sure that you want to commit to something like this, you can try their 7-day free trial period to see if this kind of approach suits your needs. 


On the other hand, if you don’t feel like paying for your online lessons but still want to get some useful tips and tricks about golf, you can check out this one. Free-online-golf-tips is a blog that offers tons of helpful information about golf. They have a wide array of topics, and they also address some of the most common issues golf players are experiencing. This is an excellent site for players who already had the chance to visit a golf course and play but are still in the initial stage of their learning journey. Besides, the website offers video content you can access from your PCs or mobile phones any time you want.


If you ever heard about Golf Digest Schools, then you might be familiar with this site’s concept. The famous golf school has been active since 1950, and they decide to keep up with the times and create a website. Anyone who wants to improve their golfing skills will find this site resourceful and its content relevant. They offer videos, articles and courses you can benefit from.