June 15, 2024

If Going to a Golf Club Expensive Then Try to Build Your Own Golf Course

Golf can be an expensive hobby. After all, maintaining the course takes up a lot of time and resources, given its sheer size. Moreover, there needs to be enough equipment for everyone at the club, and enough vehicles, which is also expensive. So, given those costs, it’s natural that the price is high for those who wish to be a member or simply pay to play if they are in the neighbourhood. This, of course, also indicates that those who enjoy golf, and love to play it, can’t spend as much time on their hobby because it’s a luxury they cannot afford.  

That being said, it’s not the end of the world, and you can always innovate to solve those problems. One way to do this is simply to make a golf course in your backyard. Here we will go over how to approach this task and what limitations you will experience. 

Backyard Size

As mentioned, golf courses are massive, and if you have a massive backyard, then you probably have enough money to golf in a real course. So, given your limitation, you might have to settle for a miniature version or mini-golf. This will require a lot less investment, and it also does not take up as nearly as much space as the real deal. That being said, it’s still very fun, it’s kid-friendly, and it has way more customization options. 

The Essentials

The first thing you need to acquire or procure are golf clubs, of course, but you can also buy a single set, as there will be no players who are playing simultaneously. Basically, you will need one putter, or maybe two, if there needs to be one for the kids, which means it needs to be smaller. You will also need golf balls, and you might want to buy multiple, as they will likely get lost all the time. If you don’t wish to dig up holes in your backyard, you can always use cups instead, which will also save you some money and troubles. 

It’s also not essential, but it does contribute to having a more authentic experience, and that is putting mats. They ensure that you have a smoother course, and it helps you up to your game if you wish to take on mini-golf as a serious player. You can use old toys that are lying around or buy new ones, in order to create obstacles for the course. They can also help if you have a particular theme in mind. For example, if you wish to have a course that resembles a jungle, you can use plush animal toys.

Rules of Mini-golf

In order to make the best out of your backyard, make sure you have only nine holes instead of 18. This way, you can have more flesh out courses which you can upgrade or customize. There is a maximum of 6 shots per hole, and this way, you can all switch faster. Whenever someone spends all of their shots, the next player will take the club. If the ball goes off the course, and it is going to happen a lot of times, the player should repeat the shot from the same spot.