July 13, 2024

Reasons to Visit Fuchun Resort if You Travel to China

China is a country with a massive cultural heritage and much like many other countries it had a turbulent history. In other words, it has a lot to offer for tourists. A different cuisine, insightful historic lessons, beautiful historic temples, and breathtaking nature. Those who enjoy scenic vistas, fresh air, and majestic landscape should definitely visit Fuchun resort. It is a wonderful destination, and here we will talk about all the reasons why tourists should spend a part of their vacation there. This is especially true for those who love to play golf.  

About Fuchun Resort

Sitting atop the rolling green tea fields and overlooking a lake, Fuchun resort is one of the ideal getaway locations for tourists who visit China. It is located in the village called Fuyang, which is approximately 40 minutes away from Hangzhou, by car.

Those who love to surround themselves with nature, play golf, hike, bike, swim or even take calligraphy lessons will definitely have a fulfilling stay while in Fuchun resort. You can also go orange picking, do some tai chi or yoga, or just relax and enjoy the day while quietly sipping your tea.   

Lots of Accommodation

There are nearly 30 rooms or 57 suites that can accommodate guests, and all of them either give you a view of the garden or lake. The fresh countryside air will allow you to recharge your batteries, and the furniture within the room helps create that cozy or homey atmosphere.


The resort is modeled after a traditional structure from the Song Dynasty, and the inspiration for it came from a local artist from the 13th century called Huang Gongwan. The design itself also has a more contemporary spin to it, but the main idea is to appear simplistic. This lack of flashiness gives it a more tranquil and inviting look.   

Things to Do

As mentioned there are plenty of things to keep you occupied here if you don’t want to sit around throughout the whole day. These activities can change depending on the season, for example in fall you can go orange picking or roast sweet potatoes, whereas in winter you can spend time indoors playing Chinese checker.

During spring and summer guests typically enjoy going on bike rides or boat trips. 

Hiking and swimming

There are multiple paths winding through the resort, so you can have a pleasant hike while enjoying the scents of tea fields. Later on, you can go for a swim or just spend some time near the steamy pool.


The golf courses were designed by Daniel J. Obermeyer, who was a former chief designer of Gary Player courses in South Africa. This is the only hilly terrain in the near vicinity, so golfing can be a challenge for those looking to have a perfect game. There are 72 courses with 18 holes and they are tea-themed, which guarantees a unique golfing experience. You can expect new challenges and different difficulties for each hole.